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Cake Day

25 May

My cake obsession hasn’t been sated even after coming back to Hong Kong!! So here goes. For some reason, everywhere I went today, they were out of cakes I wanted…Lucullus, Cova, even Pappagallo (!!). So I ended up at Starbucks. Since I’ve already tried their lychee mousse and red velvet cake, I took their 3rd new offering – the Earl Grey Mousse Cake, and an old favourite, the Hazelnut Coffee Roll.

Only when I got home did I realize I JUST had an Earl Grey cake yesterday (full review to come later)…which would make for good comparison. 2 different calibers of cake shops, obviously…but how did they fare?

The Starbucks one is covered with a sweet gelée which tasted like…..sugar. And it was more jelly than gelée. Well, I suppose that increases shelf-life and makes it more sturdy, which makes sense as Starbucks is not gourmet. Inside, there were 5 different components. First, the main component was a light brown Earl Grey mousse. It actually tasted like a very sweet and mild HK milk tea, which is what Earl Grey tastes to me sometimes :S So I guess they succeeded….? lol. I enjoy my Earl Grey without milk/sugar usually. The texture was a bit gelatinous too.

Next was a sponge cake layer, which had hints of citrus. Since Earl Grey is infused with bergamot, this makes sense. I actually quite liked this layer…it’s moist and fragrant. Following another mousse layer was a crunchy feuilleté-like layer, which serves to provide textural difference. It was actually really sweet as well, like nutella. Then, another thin layer of mousse, and then chocolate sponge cake (without the citrus tang). Finally, the base is a tender hazelnut biscuit, which was moist, a bit too moist in fact.

For the price of the cake ($2x), it was thoroughly enjoyable. Obviously, one can’t compare it to the delicate One Two Tea I had yesterday, but that was almost double the price. The Starbucks one, owing to its sturdier textures, was more filling too….I always think Starbucks is a good bargain! I actually also liked how it was super sweet….good for when the sugar craving hits. Can see this not faring well with the Asian palate though.

The hazelnut coffee roll was very strong on the coffee taste and totally lacking in the hazelnut taste. The roll layer is pale white, which means it was probably made just with egg-whites (and less guilty). The filling is a hazelnut buttercream mixed heavily with coffee granules. I didn’t detect any hazelnut, and the coffee taste was overwhelming. Oddly, the cake was also specked with what appeared to be chocolate chips, but tasted like nothing. If you really want a coffee hit from your cake, this is your cake. However, if you expected some hazelnut tones…prepare to be disappointed.


The End…For Now

29 Apr

So here I am, on my last day of my stay in Paris. My flight’s at 1 pm tomorrow, and I still haven’t packed at ALL. :S FML….like yesterday, I spent the whole day at the hospital doing surgery. Also said all my goodbyes to the nurses at the clinic, to the interns, the doctors I met, the OT nurses, the professor, secretaries. Delivered my Berko cupcakes to the clinic nurses which were well received. Took lots of photos, wanted to cry. Sigh…I hate goodbyes. I’LL BE BACK, PARIS AND HOPITAL SAINT-LOUIS!

After that, went to the Grands Magasins (again) to get more souvenirs (again). I finished off the macarons I bought which were supposed to be smuggled back to HK for my family and me…….whoops. So I bought more. And bought extra so I wouldn’t have to steal from the boxes. I wasn’t really in an eating mood (surprising, eh?) tonight as I was feeling so sad. 😦

Starbucks Raspberry White Chocolate Cheesecake

Starbucks Raspberry White Chocolate Cheesecake

So I got something from Starbucks. Cheesecake from Starbucks. What was I thinking?? Well…Berko was closed by the time I got back to the Beaubourg area, so I couldn’t end my trip with an amazing piece of Berko cheesecake. Yes, I was very, very sad. This Framboise-Chocolat Blanc Gâteau Fromage was so bad I didn’t even finish it. For one, the texture is all wrong. I think gelatin was used, which makes it a bit-jelly like. Not as bad as the Hong Kong style cheesecakes, but definitely not creamy like cheesecakes are supposed to be. Also, I couldn’t taste any white chocolate OR raspberry. Starbucks fail.

Goat Milk Chocolate Pudding

Ewe's Milk Chocolate Pudding

Also bought a bunch of stuff from the gourmet deli near my home, including this interesting pudding made of ewe’s milk (brebis). I was expecting a stronger, more gamey taste. Unfortunately, it only tasted like a very smooth chocolate pudding. It was the texture of warm ginger milk pudding…just at the border of liquid and solid. Actually, I think even HK style milk pudding has a stronger gamey taste than this.

Fromage Blanc Marron

Fromage Blanc Marron

This was something else I bought from the deli (yes I went crazy…it’s my last day after all). Chestnut flavoured fromage blanc isn’t something very common in HK, but I’ve seen it everywhere in Paris. Actually…getting this was a stupid idea…since it seems pretty easy to make myself. Good nonetheless. I’ve grown to really like fromage blanc…the texture is smoother than yogurt (which I find more watery), and the tartness isn’t overwhelming. It’s also usually made with skim milk!

On to the pastries…

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T minus One Week

23 Apr Refreshing Melon macarons

Super sad that one more week and I’m gone. I tried waking up early this morning to do more exploring,  but ended up waking up at 10 am again…I wanted to do a little shopping, and ended up at Lafayette. Naturally, breakfast is in order, and I had a Kugelhopf from Dalloyau. No photo taken but it was quite good! I’d prefer a croissant aux amandes though….I’m getting addicted to those things.

Next stop was going across the street to the Opera. Last time I went, they were having rehearsals so I couldn’t get into the auditorium, so this time that was my goal!

The Opera Garnier Auditorium...wish I could've had a chance to watch a performance here!

The Opera Garnier Auditorium...wish I could've had a chance to watch a performance here!

Gorgeous and breathtaking to imagine all the important people who mingled in high society in that opera house.

I then headed to Concorde to visit the Museum d’Orangerie, where Monet’s waterlilies are kept. But I forgot to take photos! 😦 The 2 rooms where the paintings are kept have a wonderful ambience. They’re both circular, with filtered skylights, and soothing music playing. I’m sure Monet would have been proud.

Next stop was Angelina across the road from the Jardin des Tuileries (where the Musee d’Orangerie is located). Can’t believe I didn’t get a picture of the Tuileries either, as the garden is amazingly beautiful. I am soooo bringing my DSLR next time I come to Paris! As I was on a tight schedule, I just got their 2 famous items to go: a hot chocolate (for now), and a Mont Blanc (for tonight).

Mont Blanc Army

Mont Blanc Army

My hot chocolate to go!

My hot chocolate to go!

The hot chocolate disappointed me though. Yes, it was super thick, but I thought it could’ve been more chocolatey or even milkier. The only impression I got was – thick. Then again, I’m not a HUGEEEE goopy hot chocolate fan…I prefer my chocolate in edible form. After dropping off the Mont Blanc at my apartment, I rushed out again to the Cité de la Musique to explore their museum…I wish I had more time to do this, as I didn’t get through all the rooms before they closed! 😦 Next time…

After 6 pm, all the touristy sites are closed…so off to do some OTHER exploring. I.e. SHOPPING! I took the metro to the 6th arrondissement and did a little shopping. I wish we had something like eram in Hong Kong…I really love that store – they cover a variety of styles. However, now that A&F and Hollister are coming, I guess I won’t complain. 😉 Along the way, I of course had some snacks too.

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Day off!

7 Apr Cassiflore

Welcome to another beautiful day in Paris! Almost a week has passed, and finally today I had some time to explore around the neighbourhood as I had a free afternoon due to one of the doctors being on vacation. Let’s see what I had for lunch.

Gaufres Bruxelles

Gaufres de Liège

Gaufre Bruxelle avec la crème de marron

Gaufre de Liège avec la crème de marron / Sweet Belgian waffle with chestnut cream

The waffle was just from the boulangerie/traiteur (shop selling prepared foods) on my street. They have a street cart selling these waffles and also Gaufres Bruxelles (normal fluffy Belgian waffles). Unfortunately, the staff/owner wasn’t very friendly and didn’t seem very into his job…he didn’t even talk to me once. Just gave it to me and put out his hand for the payment after making this. Also, he didn’t warm it up very well. In fact, if you look at the picture of the cart, you can see that the gaufre is wrongly labelled too…the Liege waffles were labeled as Bruxelles and vice versa. =S I was really craving waffles at that moment though, and that street cart tempted me.

As it wasn’t very warm when I got it, I got home and toasted it a bit more. It was better when really toasted and the sugar got more caramelized. The chestnut cream was nothing special, just something out of a can…should have stuck to nutella. After finishing it while Skyping with my parents, I headed out for a walk to take advantage of my afternoon off + the gorgeous weather.

Centre Georges Pompidou

Centre Georges Pompidou

The Centre Georges Pompidou (CGP) is a modern art museum located near the Rambuteau Metro station. It was built in the 1970s, and was a revolutionary architectural design at that time. It is characterized by the visible pipes on the exterior of the building, which are all functional. They are also supposed to be colour coded according to their functions, which include water pipes, electricity, etc.

Street musicians in front of the CGP

One of the many street musicians in front of the CGP

There’s a huge courtyard in front of the CGP, and many street musicians perform there. Take a look at this guy dressed in white playing the guitar! What a pose. Afterwards I was wandering around and ended up here… Continue reading