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Pilgrimage to Tony Wong’s Kingdom

28 May

Patisserie Tony WongExcuse the exaggeration of my title, but it sure seems that way nowadays with Tony Wong opening more and more stores in Kowloon City. First there was Cookies Quartet…then he opened this patisserie, then more recently he opened a froyo store called Smile. Why has he enjoyed such great success? One can speculate. More at the end of this post as I know you want me to talk about the food. 😉

The first cake I got was the Mixed Berries Napoleon (千層酥). For any overseas readers, we call mille-feuilles, Napoleons, in Hong Kong.  Also, unlike in Paris, Napoleans in HK are almost always filled with creme AND fruits, especially mangoes, which really should be our city’s official fruit as Hongkongers are so obsessed with it lol. I choose the mixed berries Napoleon because it was the only one which looked vaguely traditional, as opposed to the circular cherry Napoleon and mango-laden Napoleon.

So, back to this Napolean. Was it any good? Frankly, no. I know many locals rave and shower praises on his Napoleans. But even if you’ve just had ONE mille-feuille from a patisserie in France, even a random neighbourhood patisserie, you would be completely dissatisfied with this. The pâte feuilletée is really thin, compact, and even slightly soggy where it touches the similarly thin and meagre layer of custard. It didn’t taste or feel like the lush, generous crème pâtissière in Parisian mille-feuilles, like the one I had at Pain de Sucre. At least the berries were sweet. And there were real vanilla seeds in the custard, although the custard was too diminutive in amount to actually taste it.

Patisserie Tony Wong One Two Tea

The One Two Tea is one of Tony Wong’s recent creations. From top to bottom: white chocolate plate, Earl Grey Crème Brulée, Earl Grey Mousse, Sponge Cake, Earl Grey Crisp. The flavours were quite good in this one, unlike the too sweet Starbucks Earl Grey cake. On the other hand, it’s more than 50% more expensive, so I’d expect the flavours to be better. The pale layers were smooth and tasted like a milky Earl Grey, slightly floral in nature. Not as smooth as the Pierre Hermé Tarte Infinitement Vanille though. Damn I miss that. The bottom layer had tea leaves in what was supposed to be a crispy layer (I think), although it was quite soggy when I ate it. This was an enjoyable cake. My only gripe is its size; for the same price, I can probably get something bigger and more interesting from a patisserie in Paris. But I guess they don’t have HKD$2 eggtarts over there either, so I won’t complain too much.

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Try my Brest

14 Apr

It was a long day at the hospital today, so I just bought something from my neighbourhood for tonight.

Paris Brest from Boulangerie Beatrix

Paris Brest from Boulangerie Beatrix

First up is my first Paris Brest in Paris! Previously only had ones from Paul Lafayet and Beard Papa (which aren’t real Paris Brests I know). The one from Paul Lafayet was very dense and filling and I couldn’t finish it. How about this one? The choux was super moist. I hate choux which is dry, as it gives me indigestion, but this choux was one I wanted to eat more of. Gotta try their choquettes sometime…The praliné cream on the other hand was mousse-y in texture. Unlike the Paul Lafayet one I’ve had which was like buttercream. I enjoyed this one a lot more as it was lighter and not as filling. Although lighter in texture, the taste was still strong and nutty!

Millefeuille from Pain de Sucre

Millefeuille from Pain de Sucre

Also dropped by Pain de Sucre from a Millefeuille. My first millefeuille in Paris too. It had a very crispy and light top layer, very well baked in flavour. A tad longer in the oven and it’d be burnt. This perfect timing meant that the feuille remained crisp and buttery. I like my feuille dryer, so this suited me. On the other hand, the custard has vanilla seeds strewn throughout, and was extremely thick and rich (bordering gloopy, but not yet!). One could cut down into the pastry and the pastry would stay intact.Very clean and pronounced flavours. Sets my millefeuille standards high!

Millefeuilles have layers too (Shrek reference for those who don't get it)

Millefeuilles have layers too (Shrek reference for those who don't get it)

Look at all those layers! Is it just me who enjoys eating layers one by one…?