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The Best Day Yet

21 Apr

Today, I participated in the first surgery where I actually played a pivotal role!!! In the morning, I watched the usual surgeries, also learning about some anaesthesia stuff. Then, I was gonna leave after lunch as I wanted to visit a few museums which were only open on weekday afternoons. But I was with one of the externs, who was alone that day as no other externs were around (all skiving!). So I stayed…and finally, before lunch around 2 pm, one of the chiefs asked me if I wanted to scrub up for the next operation! YAYYYY so I did. And it ended up being just me and one other intern doing the abdominoplasty. He even tried teaching me how to suture…but I couldn’t get it. I’m so addicted to the OT, felt so giddy afterwards! Headed to the Musée d’Orsay after school…thank god I got my MuséO so I didn’t have to line up, as the line for tickets was SUPER long.

After the Museum tour, I headed off to Champs Elysées for some Ladurée as it was the only pastry store open after 8:30 pm when I left the Museum. In fact, Ladurée is open till 11 pm :O I guess that’s what their swanky bar is for.

Today's haul - BE JEALOUS.

Today's haul - BE JEALOUS.



I got 2 pastries and a cannelé, which I ate on the metro home. Nothing special. In fact, Paul’s cannelé is better. The Ladurée one was kinda dry on the outside, and flavourless on the inside. Haven’t found one which can beat Paul’s rummy, moist one yet. However…the pastries were orgasmic. Ladurée is SO not overrated…

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Monday Madness

4 Apr

Today was the first day of my elective at the Department of Plastic, Reconstructive, and Esthetic Surgery at the Hopital Saint-Louis in Paris, headed by Professor Mimoun. I was told to arrive at 9 am…obviously I was a bit early. The secretary ended up being late and I had to wait until 10:30 to see her…after which I got some documents sorted out.

Today was also the first day I had to have full conversations with everyone in French..it was scary! I got by…but it was hard when everyone spoke so quickly to me. Thank god the doctors were really nice and spoke English to me.

The first doctor I followed is SO CUTE. He’s a burns specialist, and is actually based in Hopital Cochin, but comes to OPD on Mondays. He chatted with me a bit after OPD which ended early around 12…he went to HK in January to visit a colleague who was at QMH attaching to hand surgery! He speaks très bon anglais, which makes him even cuter when he does it with a French accent. He also told me places to eat around Paris…I ended up having lunch at the hospital canteen though. Had a Sandwich Parisien, which is ham and butter sandwich in a baguette…so Parisian, so filling. Then back to OPD at 2, which lasted until…7!!!!! Then we had grand round, with a bunch of presentations…………which lasted until…wait for it…10:15 pm. Holy crappp thank god I had that huge sandwich at lunch.

Came home, had more Kinder and fromage blanc, and going to sleep…très fatiguée.