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A Day Filled with Learning and History

27 Apr Louvre at night...even more beautiful

Oh my god I can’t believe the hecticness of today managed to top yesterday! So morning was filled with OTs again, and I even got to see the OTs with local anaesthesia today. I left around 2 pm to head over to the Musée Dupuytren as planned. Also PK-ed at the university and twisted my ankle in front of 5 medical students…2 of which were pretty cute guys. Sigh…I’m a klutz. Oh well…saw LOTS of weird specimens at the museum! There were conjoint twins….stomach cancer…ovarian cancer….skeletons with rickets………it’s really a med student’s paradise haha. Photos prohibited though, so you’re just gonna have to visit yourself (if you’re not creeped out by these kinda things). What I liked the MOST  though was the office prior to the museum where the professors worked. It was filled with boxes of specimens and really, really, REALLY old books!! I regret not taking a picture. 😦 It was really cool. Not something you’d find in HK universities, which are relatively new.

So after that nerdy

Eglise Saint-Germain-des-Près: the oldest church in Paris

Eglise Saint-Germain-des-Prés: the oldest church in Paris

I then took the metro to Saint-Germain-des-Prés to visit the church there, which is the oldest church in Paris I believe (dates back to the 6th century). I actually wanted to come yesterday after the Museum of the History of Medicine, but it was closed for a concert. I find it cool that many concerts in Paris are held in old churches! This church is very different from the other churches I’ve seen. The art is more simple, and there’s a lot of wood instead of stone or marble.

I had the pata de vedao

I had the pata de vedao

I was getting hungry so I headed over to my favourite Monoprix in Paris, the one across from the church. Why is it my favourite? Because they have the biggest bread and pastry selection……duh. My target today was something I’ve seen in my past few visits – something called a pata de vedao. The name sounds Portuguese, but I looked it up and couldn’t find anything about it on the Internet…:S anyone want to enlighten me? It looks like a sponge cake, and was very moist. I’ve never had tres leches cake, but this is what I would imagine it’d taste and feel like. It tasted like it was soaked in some sort of sweet milk, and the exterior was coated with coconut flakes. So I’m thinking they just made the name up…and it’s actually tres leches cake……….but I’ll have to try the real thing some time and compare. I then headed home, picking up half a dozen of Berko cupcakes and a cheesecake for tonight.

A little bit later, I headed out to the Centres Georges Pompidou again to finish where I left off 2 days ago, namely the pre-60s collection upstairs. I liked this part of the museum much more as I can appreciate this kind of art a lot more. To each his/her own I guess. Love Picasso and Matisse! Then……Louvre again. Yes, I went to the Louvre AGAIN. Lol…museum-heavy week.

The famous blue hippotamus in the Louvre

The famous blue hippotamus in the Louvre

Tonight the Louvre closed at 10 (Wednesdays and Fridays), so I hung out until it closed. The Louvre is even more enchanting at night. I’m totally in love.

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