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Cheese Festival

6 Jun Gorgeous Cheese Display by Dominique Bouchait
Mariners' rest, a lovely little bar

Mariners' rest, a lovely little bar

Today marks the last weekend of my last academic summer holiday in my LIFE. :O Good thing I didn’t quite waste it. On Saturday, I attended a cheese workshop at Hullet House. The workshop was part of a 5 day festival organized by One Minute Before called Cheese Refiners Days. They invited 2 cheese refiners from France, Philippe Marchand & Dominique Bouchait, to give a series of talks.

Hullet House

Hullet House

In addition, Chef Philipe Orrico of Hullet House and Food Designer Loïc Serot also took part in the festival. More information on this site. I miss French cheese soooo much I had to join!

As my sleeping schedule was so screwed up for the past month, I couldn’t sleep until 5 am, but had to wake up at 9:30 to get to Hullet House in time for the 11 am workshop. :S I had a massive headache that morning, but thankfully a lot of good cheese and wine woke me up.

The Masters

The Masters

First of all, Monsieur Marchand gave a talk on the origins of cheese. He identified the different categories of cheese, which I don’t really remember, but looked it up on his website afterwards. They include:

1) Les pâtes fraîches: fresh cheese

2) Les pâtes molles à croûte fleurie: soft cheese with a bloomed rind

3) Les pâtes molles à croûte lavée: soft cheese with a washed rind

4) Les pâtes persillées: blue cheese

5) Les pâtes pressées non cuites: pressed cheese which is not cooked

6) Les pâtes pressées cuites: pressed and cooked cheese

7) Les pâtes fondues: cheese fondue

8) Les recuites: cheese made from cooked whey (which is called lactosérum in French…that’s so cute! haha. it DOES look like sérum)

9) Les fromages de chèvre: goat cheese

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