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The Best Day Yet

21 Apr

Today, I participated in the first surgery where I actually played a pivotal role!!! In the morning, I watched the usual surgeries, also learning about some anaesthesia stuff. Then, I was gonna leave after lunch as I wanted to visit a few museums which were only open on weekday afternoons. But I was with one of the externs, who was alone that day as no other externs were around (all skiving!). So I stayed…and finally, before lunch around 2 pm, one of the chiefs asked me if I wanted to scrub up for the next operation! YAYYYY so I did. And it ended up being just me and one other intern doing the abdominoplasty. He even tried teaching me how to suture…but I couldn’t get it. I’m so addicted to the OT, felt so giddy afterwards! Headed to the Musée d’Orsay after school…thank god I got my MuséO so I didn’t have to line up, as the line for tickets was SUPER long.

After the Museum tour, I headed off to Champs Elysées for some Ladurée as it was the only pastry store open after 8:30 pm when I left the Museum. In fact, Ladurée is open till 11 pm :O I guess that’s what their swanky bar is for.

Today's haul - BE JEALOUS.

Today's haul - BE JEALOUS.



I got 2 pastries and a cannelé, which I ate on the metro home. Nothing special. In fact, Paul’s cannelé is better. The Ladurée one was kinda dry on the outside, and flavourless on the inside. Haven’t found one which can beat Paul’s rummy, moist one yet. However…the pastries were orgasmic. Ladurée is SO not overrated…

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Tour Eiffel…again…at night

18 Apr

Uber tired today. Went up to the Tour Eiffel after school and with the long lines, it took a while before I got home. It’s sooo beautiful at night though.

This morning I gave Beatrix’s “aux amandes” viennoisseries another try. I had the pain aux chocolat et amandes.

Pain aux Chocolat et Amandes from Beatrix

Pain aux Chocolat et Amandes from Beatrix

This was much better than the croissant aux amandes I had yesterday morning. The pastry wasn’t tough, and the chocolate made it very rich, with a yummy almondy topping. It was very sweet, the way I like it. Could have used more frangipine though. Off to school it was…then after school, I visited Hugo & Victor which I’ve tried before.

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THE Sadaharu Aoki

15 Apr Cheese-cake citronné
35 rue de vaugirard 75006 Paris

35 rue de vaugirard 75006 Paris

I had to go to fnac to pick up tickets for my trip to Versailles on Sunday. I decided to go to a fnac in the 6th just so I could drop by Patisserie Sadaharu Aoki. Aoki is probably the only Asian patissier who is famous worldwide. I don’t know why he hasn’t decided to open a store in Hong Kong yet. 😦 We are soooo deprived in HK.
Shop interior...smallest patisserie I've seen in Paris

Shop interior...smallest patisserie Ive seen in Paris

I bought 2 pastries…to be revealed later. 😉 The salesgirl working at the counter spoke only Japanese! :O The cashier (who was also Japanese) did speak French though. I think it’s a nice move by Aoki to hire Japanese 🙂

School until 6 pm today as the last case was late by half an hour x_x Thankfully one of the nurses made crepes, so I snuck into the pantry now and then to munch on some crepes! I saw some speculoos spread in the pantry that morning, but unfortunately by the time I snuck into the pantry, the spread was all gone. 
Brioche à tête and speculoos spread

Brioche à tête and speculoos spread

No worries…I dropped by the supermarché after school to buy some. Also went to Huré AND Beatrix to see if they had crepes so I could have it with my spread. Unfortunately not, so I settled for a brioche from Beatrix.  Continue reading

Day off!

7 Apr Cassiflore

Welcome to another beautiful day in Paris! Almost a week has passed, and finally today I had some time to explore around the neighbourhood as I had a free afternoon due to one of the doctors being on vacation. Let’s see what I had for lunch.

Gaufres Bruxelles

Gaufres de Liège

Gaufre Bruxelle avec la crème de marron

Gaufre de Liège avec la crème de marron / Sweet Belgian waffle with chestnut cream

The waffle was just from the boulangerie/traiteur (shop selling prepared foods) on my street. They have a street cart selling these waffles and also Gaufres Bruxelles (normal fluffy Belgian waffles). Unfortunately, the staff/owner wasn’t very friendly and didn’t seem very into his job…he didn’t even talk to me once. Just gave it to me and put out his hand for the payment after making this. Also, he didn’t warm it up very well. In fact, if you look at the picture of the cart, you can see that the gaufre is wrongly labelled too…the Liege waffles were labeled as Bruxelles and vice versa. =S I was really craving waffles at that moment though, and that street cart tempted me.

As it wasn’t very warm when I got it, I got home and toasted it a bit more. It was better when really toasted and the sugar got more caramelized. The chestnut cream was nothing special, just something out of a can…should have stuck to nutella. After finishing it while Skyping with my parents, I headed out for a walk to take advantage of my afternoon off + the gorgeous weather.

Centre Georges Pompidou

Centre Georges Pompidou

The Centre Georges Pompidou (CGP) is a modern art museum located near the Rambuteau Metro station. It was built in the 1970s, and was a revolutionary architectural design at that time. It is characterized by the visible pipes on the exterior of the building, which are all functional. They are also supposed to be colour coded according to their functions, which include water pipes, electricity, etc.

Street musicians in front of the CGP

One of the many street musicians in front of the CGP

There’s a huge courtyard in front of the CGP, and many street musicians perform there. Take a look at this guy dressed in white playing the guitar! What a pose. Afterwards I was wandering around and ended up here… Continue reading