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The Way Kids Think

1 Jun

I’ve been tutoring this 7 year old (turning 8 in August) since 2 years ago, and I love the kid to bits. He’s an only child, slightly hyperactive (oxymoron?), a bit mischievous, and EXTREMELY smart and wily. As with most 7 year olds, he’s very curious about everything and asks me questions I can’t really answer all the time.

Why does the universe keep on expanding?

How many galaxies are there in the universe?

Why do we need nuclear plants?

Why did Hitler kill himself?

Why does the large intestine absorb water, but the kidneys pass out water…don’t they cancel out each other’s function then?

Okay, I could answer that last one, due to my medical background. But it took me half an hour to make it understandable in 7-year-old terms. Which brings me to another point…we’re reading a book about the human body, and stuff in there is SO hard! The book is targeted towards his age (7-12 ish), but I swear there’s stuff in there that’s undergraduate level. It talks about how bile is made, talks about the different digestive enzymes, distinguishes between the different types of white blood cells. And to think that what I was reading at his age were mostly The Babysitters’ Club books. Are we expecting too much from our kids?

Breadtalk: Apple Tart and Blackforest Roll

Breadtalk: Apple Tart and Blackforest Roll

Anyways, enough about too-smart kids. Let’s talk about something sweeter…

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Hectic Tuesday

26 Apr Passionata from Boulangerie Julien

This morning, I spent the morning scrubbed in with Dr. Pulvermacker in the OT. As I caught a cold, I wasn’t feeling very well and left early….

Really small

Really small

Headed to the Musee de l’Histoire de la Medécine at the 2nd floor of the Faculty of Medicine in the université de Paris V René Descartes. It was really small, occupying just one room. Interesting…but not TOO interesting. Gonna go to Musée Dupuytren tomorrow, which holds a lot of wacky medical specimens. Should be more interesting!

Un Dimanche à Paris

Un Dimanche à Paris

Being a bit hungry, I headed across the street to Un Dimanche à Paris to get one of their mini trio sets. I wish I bought more of their stuff, as everything was really good! The mini lemon tart was….very tart! But had a sweet lingering citrusy note….the tart base was very crispy. The eclair was OK. I’m beginning to think I don’t really like eclairs lol because I’ve had 2 just OK eclairs these 2 days from 2 great patisseries, so maybe it’s just me. Finally, the mini chocolate fondant was verrrrrryyy melt-in-your-mouth. I wish I had a giant version of this.

Then, I headed to Montparnasse to look for Des Gateaux et Du Pain….i kept on walking in the wrong direction till i got there 1 hour later 😦 with very sore feet. And………….found out it was closed. 😦 Argh!!!! I really wanted to try the Pomme Tatin. Don’t think I’ll have time to come all the way out there in the next few days either. Oh well…next time.

So i went back to the Les Halles area as I wanted to go to the kookai outlet which closes at 7:30. I got there at 7:00 pm, and they didn’t let me in anymore. BOO. To heal my disappointment, went into Monoprix to get a Petit Pain aux Raisin Poilane (which tasted not very special either). Then I went to Rue Montorgueil…wanted to run into cute salesguy at Kayser. He wasn’t there, so I left (JUST KIDDING…I wanted a ficelle and they were out). Ok. Maybe NOT so kidding haha….nonetheless, I headed to Stohrer instead to do the same thing (KIDDING…although the salesguys at Stohrer ARE incredibly cute). Actually, I wanted to get their tarte aux fraises bois, but they were out ALSO 😦 It’s only 7 pm! So I got some chocolate thing called a Marie something…which was dark chocolate wrapped around praline with half a cherry glacé on top and half on the middle. It was…kind…tasteless. I threw it away after 2 bites.

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