About Me

Sesame puddings and red date puddings

Born a Canadian, Chinese in heritage, and now living in Hong Kong, with an intense love for food of all cultures, especially sweets, I’m a walking identity crisis. I’m currently in my final year of medical school, and hopefully will graduate in 2012 if all goes well. My hobbies include studying, studying, and studying. Just kidding! Us med students aren’t ALL nerds….well, although I admit studying can be fun sometimes. B-)

This blog was started during a 4 week internship at a hospital in Paris for plastic surgery. Obviously, I had to binge on sweets as well (gaining more than 10 lbs in the process…ALL SO WORTH IT THOUGH). Although I would love to survive on cakes, pastries, and sweets, being a med student, I know that’s not a very good idea. OK who am I kidding…you don’t need to have a medical background to know that’s not a good idea. However, my main meals are usually simple and not worthy of mentioning, hence not featured on this blog.

Every now and then, you might catch me mentioning things about my daily life as well. Because, face it, life is so much more than just food, right? Let’s hope I can keep blogging…unlike the last few blogs I had which kinda faded out. Please subscribe by email (button to your right) or by RSS feed. I’d LOVE YOU!!! =) Enjoy my blog, comments are MUCH appreciated, and happy eating!


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