22 Jun

Why oh why have I disappeared for a while? One word: laziness. School started and has been rather tiring with endless lectures…and my insomnia hasn’t resolved itself so I’m still sleeping at 2-3 most day (5 am last night actually…) :( I’ve also been up to a lot these past 2 weeks!

On June 11, I attended the 30th anniversary Faculty Gala Dinner at the HKCEC. Actually, not only was I attending…I performed too!

HUGE VENUE...120 tables

HUGE VENUE...120 tables

The venue was humongous and the guest list was prestigious, including our Secretary for Justice, Secretary for Food and Health, a few past and present Deans….and a LOT OF MY PROFESSORS. I sat with the band I was performing in the most far left corner table, which allowed us to chat away while the numerous speeches were going on. Performing with me were 3 psychiatrists (2 of which have taught me before), one Family Medicine doctor, and one orthopaedic surgeon. Oh, and also 2 of my classmates. Soooo…of course I was nervous. We came at the end after a talk by Professor Joseph Sung and a few other profs, and played these songs: Bohemian Rhapsody + A Hard Day’s Night Medley (Queen/Beatles), Ye Lai Xiang (Teresa Tang), Blessing (Hins Cheung), Heal the World (MJ), and our Faculty Song. Thankfully all went…OK well…other than my amp getting cut off all the time.

Probably the only photo where I don't look exceedingly nervous

Probably the only photo where I don't look exceedingly nervous

This is probably the first and last time I’ll get to perform in front of SO MANY PEOPLE. Amazing.

Then, the week after, I headed to a magical place…

On my way to Hogwarts

On my way to Hogwarts

I got accepted to the most prestigious school of wizardry in the world! I said goodbye to my friends and family and headed off to Hogwarts.

OK I kid. That was a display at Times Square. That night, I went to Hei Hei Bing Sut (喜喜冰室) for dinner, a place I’ve been wanting to go for a long time! It’s a pseudo-retro HK style cafe, a lot of which have been popping up in the recent half year or so.

Hei Hei Bing Sut

Hei Hei Bing Sut

I think the trend started with Starbucks Duddell Street, then a bunch of others started popping up. This particular one is near Fashion Walk’s Food Street (名店方食街). Most of these cafes serve Australian Dairy Company style meals, which my friend had.

Pseudo-ADC Meal

Pseudo-ADC Meal

I only tried the scrambled eggs, which were very creamy. I had something else…something weirder…and something I’d wanted for a long, long time.

Chicken Pie in Pea Soup with Ketchup Squirt

Chicken Pie in Pea Soup with Ketchup Squirt

This has struck my curiosity since I saw it on Openrice when the restaurant first opened and there was a lot of hype around it. I love chicken pie and I love pea soup, but having it together seemed a bit weird. When the server put it down, he asked me if I wanted ketchup, then proceeded to stick a ketchup bottle nozzle down the middle of the pie and squirted a dollop of ketchup inside. Swanky.

The flavours actually worked together very well! Chicken pie can be quite dry (oo rhyme), so the pea soup helped to moisten everything. It’s like…eating ice cream with sweet pie…except this is savoury. Peas work well inside chicken pie filling anyways, so the flavour isn’t anything shocking.

Banana Pancakes LOVE

Banana Pancakes LOVE

My meal also came with banana pancakes…oh so yum. These were soooo fluffy and so much better than McDonald’s hotcakes. And yes, I know it’s not fair to compare them with fast food…but the only pancakes I’ve had recently are from Micky D’s. :S These were quite thick, around 2 cm, which made it soft and almost cake like. It sat in a pool of not too sweet caramel and topped with bananas and walnuts.

Honestly beat many Western restaurant pancakes I’ve had. The only gripe I have about the food from this bing sut is that the food wasn’t very hot. They also served my chicken pie and pancakes at the same time. I’d prefer it if they served it AFTER I finished my pie….I guess for the price range and setting, that’s asking a little too much though.

The Revolver

The Revolver

After that, headed to a gig by a local band, The Revolver. PLEASE visit their Facebook page and listen to their music. They’re awesome! And that’s pretty much my last 2 weeks…interspersed with a million lectures. Now do you forgive me for the lack of posts?

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2 Responses to “Laziness”

  1. lumanniein June 22, 2011 at 1:41 pm #

    I LOVE THE PLATFORM 9 3/4 PICTURE!! Dunno if I’ll have the chance to head over to CWB to take one too though :(

    anyway chicken pie and green pea soup just sounds really really weirddddddd. I’d have to eat it to believe it’s good I guess hahahaha

    p.s. lectures are no excuse.. you haven’t even been coming to all of them young lady :P

    • Rachelle June 22, 2011 at 1:54 pm #

      What about…lectures + insomnia? Is that a good enough excuse? :P I promise you I’ll appear tomorrow…

      I think the Platform 9 3/4 will be there for a while…at least until the movie comes out?? THEY HAVE a FLOURISH & BLOTTS TOO!!!

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