Pierre Hermé Collection

23 May
Box of 12...minus 1 that I ate

Box of 12...minus 1 that I ate

So I finally published the last of my backlog of drafts from my Paris trip lol…back to the present. Well, this was not so present. These were the Pierre Hermé macarons I brought back from Paris for myself. As you can see, the round flimsy box doesn’t travel so well…even though I packed it in a tin box which was stuffed with scarves.

Such a cute box!

Such a cute box!

This box of 8, however, travelled really well and was pretty much crumb-free with no cracked macarons. Obviously, it’s a bit more expensive too. But it’s so cute so it’s worth it. And yes…I got myself 20 PH macarons (in addition to the Ladurée box of 8…and the dozen I polished off during my last 2 days). I got these at the Lafayette basement outlet, and they usually have 12 flavours on display in a day.

I can’t decide if I like PH macarons better or Ladurée. They’re quite different. PH is heavy on the filling which can be quite thick in texture and quantity. The shell is very crisp and the texture of the biscuit is quite light. He also has some savoury and “weird” flavours. Ladurée, on the other hand, has a slightly chewier and more almondy shell, with lighter fillings (in texture), but a very strong taste. I like both. Here are the flavours I’ve tried, in the order of my preferences:

Asperge Verte & Huile de Noisette: The hazelnut flavour was SUPER strong…loved it. I guess the oils of a nut make the flavour eh? Wow this was like a punch in the eye….er…tongue…in terms of hazelnut flavour. The ganache was kinda oily in texture. The asparagus was found in dried asparagus bits in the ganache, which didn’t really contribute to the flavours. This is totally worth getting just for the noisette hit.

Huile D’olive & Vanille: Wow…what a surprise! This has bits of olive pieces inside, which I surprisingly liked! Very pronounced savory AND sweet tones. The olives balanced the sweet vanilla very well. PH seems to enjoy surprising us with green macarons…

Arabesque (Abricot & Pistache): The apricot flavour in this was very strong and real…couldn’t really detect the pistache, unfortunately. It’s a very pretty apricotty colour though. Smells heavenly too.

Pierre Hermé macarons are quite heavy on the fillings

Pierre Hermé macarons are quite heavy on the fillings

Dépaysé (Thé Vert Matcha, Haricot Rouge Azuki, Citron Vert & Gingembre): Probably the ugliest of all the macarons…it’s a greyish green. The matcha taste in this was super strong and authentic!! The lime and ginger taste was very mild, but noticeable, in the azuki centre. Such a complex little macaron!

Coing & Rose: The quince tasted like a slightly more complicated pear!! I didn’t really sense any rose, but the quince is good alone.

Réglisse & Violette: This is a very pretty black and purple macaron. I don’t know why I can never taste the licorice in any macaron I’ve eaten in Paris. Perhaps I’ve never tasted what “real” licorice tastes like, so I cannot recognize it? Have only tried licorice candy. The violette flavour is more pronounced, giving floral tones, but overall the macaron is very mild tasting.

Indulgence (Menthe Fraiche & Petits-Pois): Sounds disgusting when you hear about it, but it’s actually pretty good! Although both green, one side is light green and one side is dark green. There are even little bits of dried peas within the filling. IT’S GOOD! Clearly sweet, but the peas give it savory tones and the mint is pronounced as well. I usually hate mint flavoured things as they taste toothpasty, but this was not toothpasty in any way.

Infinitement Café: This had a soft filling like the rose macaron too. It was a very milky and sweet coffee taste.

Infiniment Chocolat: just a regular chocolate macaron, nothing spectacular, but chocolate’s always good.

Infinitement Caramel (caramel au beurre salé): the filling was similar to the rose and coffee macarons – light and whippy. This was very very sweet and the caramel was definitely there, but I have to say I prefer actual caramel inside my caramel macarons. My HG caramel macaron is Ladurée’s, which is so chewy, caramelly, and damn I’m craving it right now.

Infinitement Jasmin (fleur de jasmin, thé au jasmin):Hmm I don’t know why they had this available, as the leaflet stated that it would be available only from May 2. Not complaining though. 🙂 Jasmine’s one of my favourite teas, so this was enjoyable. I thought that the tea flavour could be a little stronger though…the whole macaron was a bit light tasting. Not really very “infinitement”.

Infiniment Rose: for some reason the filling was a lot thinner in this, almost like mousse. It has a mild rose flavour which was not soapy. I think the center is whipped cream as it really felt that light! Perhaps he wanted to balance the delicate rose flavor?

Seems like I enjoyed PH’s outlandish flavours more than his classic ones. No worries…Ladurée satisfied all my classic flavour cravings. 🙂 Review to come!


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