Amazing Week

14 May

Wow this week’s been the most amazing week ever…definitely made me love HK a little bit more and miss Paris a little bit less. So, recap:

Monday: Mother’s day lunch at Sushi Fuku-Suke which was really good. Had the omakase dinner there before already which I found not very creative, but lunch is a really good deal for quality Japanese food! Too bad the place was half empty…guys…….radiation won’t hurt you that way. Please support your local Japanese restaurants. Then, went to the Jacky Cheung concert at night with the parents. I know like NONE of his songs lol….and he’s not even hot, so it was kind of boring. Oh well…the whole point was to spend time with my parents, so that was nice.

Tuesday: I went to a new riding club in Clearwater Bay for my assessment lesson, and I love that place! It reminds me of the barns in Vancouver, with the whole tackshop/office setup, totally overpriced drinks+ice-cream, and horse show DVDs playing on the TV. Rode a horse called Blaizer who had a super bouncy trot, but an amazing canter. Too bad I’m still on the waiting list as their weekends are quite full.

Pixar Exhibition at the Hong Kong Heritage Museum

Pixar Exhibition at the Hong Kong Heritage Museum

Cool stairs

Cool stairs

Wednesday: I played the TGV set I bought for the kid I tutor……..and we both love it!! I also went to the Pixar exhibition at Shatin in the afternoon, which was my first visit to a museum in HK since…..forever. I miss Paris’ HUGE museums, but it’s interesting to go through HK’s museums too. I bought a yearpass which should motivate me to visit more. Walked a bit around Ma On Shan and the Shing Mun River area and took some pretty pics. I guess nature can be found in HK too lol. Then, I went home to a long day of waiting for the aircon guys to install my new aircon (my old one had something wrong with the compressor or something). Finished around 10 pm….

Ma On Shan Park...I guess HK has some green places too

Ma On Shan Park...I guess HK has some green places too

Thursday: JOE BONAMASSA CONCERT!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG It was incredible. I got to go to the Meet & Greet because I won a Time Out Magazine contest. I was ecstatic because this guy is like MY GUITAR HERO!

Crappy venue...

Crappy venue...

Holy crap…and it was actually like an INTIMATE meet and greet! It was in a conference room and we chatted.



Then I got him to sign some CDs. This guy is so humble even though he’s like a millionaire rockstar, it’s so inspiring. I wish one day I could play guitar like he can…the concert was amazing. I feel SO LUCKY that he decided to come to HK even though he’s not very well-known in HK except among the musician crowd. With the poor turnout though, I’m worried that he won’t come again. Hope not.

Friday: Still giddy from JB………and I got news from the Scholarship Department of my University that ill be reimbursed for my airfare AND accomodation for my Paris elective!! I’d known previously that I got awarded a scholarship which I applied for, but this confirmation made a good week even better.

Today: I went to AE at Tsimshatsui………ahhh I missed it. In fact, I found out that Hollister’s opening at Festival Walk soon too. I miss North American fashion of better quality than H&M, so I’m super excited =D On the way home, I picked up some cakes from Patisserie Tony Wong. Review to come later, but let’s just say I miss Parisian patisseries.

Well, was that an amazing week or was that an amazing week? I love Hong Kong!


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