I’m Back

1 May
Pistache-Amande from Beatrix

Pistache-Amande from Beatrix

The above viennoiserie was a wonderful flaky pocket filled with pistachio and almond paste. So buttery, so sinful, and so wish I had Beatrix here in Hong Kong. Yes, I’m back. Sigh…just came back from a huge family gathering at Shatin with CHINESE FOOD. I have to admit I kinda missed it…but right now I’m totally missing French food and my pastry destinations more.

I didn’t end up going to the Louvre yesterday morning as I still hadn’t finished packing. So instead, I woke up at 8 (slept at 3) and finished packing, but still managed to go out TWICE in between lol. Once to get the aforementioned breakfast. Then I realized I needed sturdy boxes to hold my macarons in and went out again, and of course had to get something from Pain de Sucre too. My first sweets from Paris was a Pain de Sucre macaron and marshmallow, and I have to end with Pain de Sucre too….it makes my trip complete. Sigh.

My last Pain de Sucre haul before returning to HK

My last Pain de Sucre haul before returning to HK

The two macarons were caramel and the green one was Angélique du Marais Poitevin et fromage de chèvre!! I’m not sure what the first part is, but I assume it’s some kind of herb? The filling is goat cheese flavoured. PdS’s macarons are really uniquely textured…very dense and chewy, unlike anything other macaron in Paris. You either hate it or love it. I find them interesting. The goat cheese one was distinctly cheesy, but you definitely had to concentrate to taste it. Not like Pierre Hermé or Ladurée’s VERY strongly flavoured macarons! Review of those will come in separate blogs after I’ve finished everything I’ve brought home.

La Renauderie: Pâte à choux croustillante, crème mousseline à l’épine noire

La Renauderie: Pâte à choux croustillante, crème mousseline à l’épine noire

This is the pretty-looking éclair-like pastry. I actually found the pâte a little soggy. The crème had a beautiful, light texture though. I believe l’épine noire means prunes…correct me if I’m wrong. It was quite alcoholic. The other green thing wrapped in saran wrap was a Tea-time, which is a little pistachio flavoured sponge cake studded with cherries which I ate on the plane.

Oh, I was just BARELY in time for boarding because checking out of my apartment took a little longer than expected. I wanted to go for a last Ladurée haul at the airport before boarding, but didn’t have time too. Sighhhhhhh…

My fridge after my trip

My fridge after my trip

Oh well, guess I should be satisfied with everything I got in my fridge for now. Lol…wait for reviews!


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