Tour Eiffel…again…at night

18 Apr

Uber tired today. Went up to the Tour Eiffel after school and with the long lines, it took a while before I got home. It’s sooo beautiful at night though.

This morning I gave Beatrix’s “aux amandes” viennoisseries another try. I had the pain aux chocolat et amandes.

Pain aux Chocolat et Amandes from Beatrix

Pain aux Chocolat et Amandes from Beatrix

This was much better than the croissant aux amandes I had yesterday morning. The pastry wasn’t tough, and the chocolate made it very rich, with a yummy almondy topping. It was very sweet, the way I like it. Could have used more frangipine though. Off to school it was…then after school, I visited Hugo & Victor which I’ve tried before.

Got this after school

Got this after school

But that was for post-Tour Eiffel eats. I got some Libyan sweets from the Libyan restaurant downstairs for some pre- Tour Eiffel munching.

Libyan sweets

Libyan sweets

The sales guy was kind of cute. Like ALL the guys working at food places are cute…WHY WHY WHY? He also asked me if I was Japanese (the millionth time someone asked me that in Paris already) and I said I’m Chinese…and he said I’m a very beautiful Chinese lol. Um, thanks. He just implied that Japanese are prettier than Chinese?

Anyways…got 3 sweets I neglected to take the name of 😦 One I know is a baklawa, the other 2 I have no idea. Searched a bit online and only found info for one of them.

To the left is the basboosa, which consists of semolina, melted “samn” (something like ghee), sugar, plain yogurt, almonds, and baking powder. It was SUPER sweet….kind of tasted like leen yung!! It had a drier top and wetter, soaked bottom. It reminded me of a grainy gulab jamun. I didn’t hate it, but it wouldn’t be something I’d crave.

The tubey thing was a baklawa…nothing special. The nesty thing, though, was SOOOOO good! I don’t know its name. If someone knows, please tell me. It’s deep fried floss soaked in syrup on the bottom, with pistachios in the middle. It’s sweet and crunchy and DEEP FRIED YEAAA at the same time. Awesomeness.

Then I headed to the Tour Eiffel, which was gorgeous at night. And crowded. I think it’s spring break…ugh.

Thank god I got my tickets online, as the line for tickets was so long and unmoving. The view from the summit is freaking amazing…Paris is such a beautiful city at night. Unlike Hong Kong, which is just glaring neon signs, Paris has gardens, beautiful architecture, and normal lights from windows. God I want to go up there again. If only there was no lineup…and if only it wasn’t 10 euros for one ascent. After that, I went back home. On the way, I got a brownie from a crepe stand. It was a really bad brownie. Nuff said. I don’t know why I even finished it…waste of stomach space.

Hugo Caramel

Hugo Caramel

Fortunately, I had this waiting for me at home. The exterior had a beautiful half hollow milk chocolate sphere flecked with gold dust. The bottom is a tender biscuit.

Milk chocolate shell, hazelnuts, creme caramel, caramel

Milk chocolate shell, hazelnuts, creme caramel, caramel

Like I said, I don’t like nuts in my cakes. This was no exception, and I got rid of all the hazelnuts on top. The creme caramel was kind of too solid for my tastes. I prefer a much smoother, almost to the point of liquid, creme caramel.

Look at that yummy caramel pool

Look at that yummy caramel pool

Fortunately, the Hugo Caramel was saved by the yummy caramel pool in the bottom of the sphere. While not mind-blowing like Sadaharu Aoki’s caramel, this was satisfying. There were also hazelnuts hidden in the bottom. I actually ate these hazelnuts (surprise, surprise!) as the were soooo good coated in thick, gooey caramel. While the caramel was a bit more liquidy towards the top (I guess the creme caramel watered it down?), it was really super thick towards the bottom. I could drink spoonful after spoonful of this caramel. As for the biscuit, it was suitably buttery. I ate it alone. It was crumbly, kind of like a macaroon (the American kind, not the French kind). No coconuts though.

After trying 2 of H&V’s pastries…I think I kinda had enough. Nothing in the store really attracts me anymore, although I admit everything’s soooo pretty. I need to expand my horizons…

OK super tired. Off to bed.


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