A Day with an Old Friend

16 Apr

Today I hung out with my friend from Vancouver who moved to Paris. Her parents are French, and she moved to Vancouver when she was 18 months, then moved back to France 3 years ago. What a lucky girl! We went to lots of places, including the Eiffel Tower, Les Invalides where Napolean is buried, L’Arc de Triomphe, Galleries Lafayette etc. She also brought me to less well-known places, including some far off arrondissements and the covered passages. (Photos to follow…too lazy to edit them now.)

After the long, long walk throughout half of Paris, I needed my nourishment! As our walk ended at Rue Montorgueil, I headed there for more amazing food shopping. I wish we had something like Rue Montorgueil in HK!! I guess our wet markets are something like that…where you can find veggies, meat, and bakeries all in one spot. But everything is so much more “gourmet” in Paris sob sob.

First stop: Stohrer. This time I took a few photos of the interior. As you can see, the ceiling is beautiful. The guys working at Stohrer are also very cute and très sympa aussi. I think I mentioned that before? Heh. They immediately switch to English if they sense that your French is moyenne. Of course, for someone who wanted to practice her French like me, that could be bad 😛

At the cashier, the cute sales guy asked me where I got my camera strap. I told him I got it from Hong Kong…heehee. French people like saying they like things you have as small talk I think! The last time I went to Berko, the sales guy there (cute too!! hahaha) told me he loved my sunglasses.

Anyways, this is what I got from Stohrer:

Marron glacé, Rocher Noir

Marron glacé, Rocher Noir

Rocher Noir innards

Rocher Noir innards

I also had a beignet, which wasn’t very good. Actually, I’ve never had a beignet that I liked here…maybe I just don’t like beignets. They’re kind of dry and oily tasting. The marron glacé was super sweet. I think I prefer normal roasted chestnuts more…or even the chestnuts you get in the supermarket. The rocher noir was very good though. Just a little bigger than a Ferrero Rocher, but a lot richer. The centre was ganache which was good quality, and the exterior was dark chocolate and hazelnuts. This was quite filling.

La Fermette...long lines

La Fermette...long lines

I also headed over to Kayser for a petit Pain aux Céréales and a Madeline to munch on the way home. I found out that the sales guy (THE CUTEST YET!) gave me 2 when I was outside…heehee who said French people are haughty? They’re nice! I also wanted some cheese to go with my bread and headed over to La Fermette, but the line was so long I decided to head over to my neighbourhood cheese shop, Fromages…ou Desserts, instead.

Madeline from Kayser

Madeline from Kayser

Petit Pain aux céréales from Eric Kayser, Brie aux Meaux and Vieux Comté from Fromages...ou Desserts

Petit Pain aux céréales from Eric Kayser, Brie aux Meaux and Vieux Comté from Fromages...ou Desserts

I love how good cheese is relatively cheap here. Unfortunately, I should have stayed in line at La Fermette. The Brie aux Meaux is one of the most famous cheeses in France I believe. This one wasn’t ripe enough and didn’t taste like much. The Vieux Comté was also very mild and crumbly, while I expected it to be stronger.

The bread on the other hand was quite good. It’s recommended by David Lebovitz. The exterior has poppy seeds, flax seeds, sesame seeds, etc. The interior is flecked with the same seeds, and is very airy, more airy than baguettes.


Mancha: Crémeux safran, eau de rose et sésame noir, compte de quetsche (prune), biscuit sésame, pulpe d’abricot et crumble sésame noir

Finally, I also dropped by Pain de Sucre for something sweet. This little verrine was kinda weird tasting though. I think it’s meant to be fresh, but all the components weren’t sweet enough. The saffron cream was weird and gelatiny. The prune compote was…well, pruney and normal I guess. The sesame biscuit was the only cakey part and very sesame-y, but not sweet at all. In fact, even the black sesame crumble on top was bitter instead of sweet. Wouldn’t recommend this. Stick with their tarts!

Off to Versailles tomorrow…night night!


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