Cupcakes Galore

10 Apr

After a breakfast of Kouign Amann from my neighbourhood bakery, which had a flaky exterior and a chewy, sweet, very buttery interior (kinda like Bo-lo’gne on crack) and Yop, I headed out to explore more. By the way, Yop Chocolate is AMAZING. It’s so thick, like Angelina hot chocolate thick, and when it’s microwaved, it STAYS thick. The only thing is that it’s really sweet, so you can’t have too much at once (which is good, because it’s probably super calorific). The BEST thing about it is that it was only 1.x euros!

Today I visited the Louvre, which is an AMAZING place…I’m gonna go back a few times just because it’s so big I didn’t get to finish everything. I bought a yearly pass (only 15 euros for under 26s!), so it’ll be cost-effective anyways. Photos can be seen in the following slideshow:

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Afterwards, I went back to Le Marais area, hung around for a bit, window-shopped, then headed back home. On the way back, dropped into Berko to get half a dozen of mini cupcakes. Actually, it was my 2nd time dropping in that day as I dropped in on the way out for a post-breakfast snack. The guy working there looked at me weirdly haha…probably thinking “god, this girl is cupcake obsessed.” Not untrue. Also passed by Beatrix again and got a demi-baguette to finish off the butter I had left.

I forgot to take a picture of the baguette, but it was REALLY BAD. It tasted like Delifrance frozen baguette, except even worse. The crust was tough, the innards were tough, and the whole thing tasted floury and underbaked. This was their cheaper baguette instead of the baguette de tradition…but should the difference really be that big? Good thing the butter was good and helped me finish the baguette off.

Now for the cupcakes…I only managed to finish 3 today after the very tough baguette (which was hard on digestion).

Very bright and American!

Very bright and American!

Loving the bright feel...the Parisian boxes are always so well made

Loving the bright feel...the Parisian boxes are always so well made

I love the packaging of Berko cupcakes. It’s so New York, and the colours are bright and cheerful. It matches their style and shop well. Take a look at the inside of the box too – there is a cardboard with holes which prevents the cupcakes from moving around, and it actually works really well!

Top from left to right: tiramisu, red velvet, Carambar; bottom: creme au lait, lemon meringue, carrot cake

Top from left to right: island vanilla, red velvet, Carambar; bottom: creme au lait, lemon meringue, carrot cake

All their cupcakes have a little depression in the middle, which served to hold more topping or something other than the icing. I had 3 today based on my mood:

Creme au lait (messed up the top a bit when packing)

Creme au lait (messed up the top a bit when packing)

Creme au lait innards

Creme au lait innards

This was a cupcake with whipped cream topping and chocolate shell + krispies and a chocolate base. The chocolate cake was kinda tasteless, but I guess it served to focus one’s attention on the whipped cream, which was extremely yummy and fresh and abundant.

Lemon meringue

Lemon meringue

Lemon meringue innards

Lemon meringue innards

This supposed-to-be tart cupcake had a grainy meringue icing. I’m more used to meringue which is smooth and puffy like marshmallow…I’m not sure whether meringue is supposed to be like this. The lemon curd filling in the tin well/depression was a bit sweet and pasty. I thought it could be tarter. The cake, on the other hand, is normal vanilla cake with quite a tender crumb…the best part of the cupcake in my opinion. I love the texture of their cakes. It’s hard to find cakes like this in HK and all the cupcakes I can find are weird…like, SUPER buttery and very HK old-school bakery style.

Carrot Cake

Red Velvet Cake

Carrot Cake innards

Red Velvet Cake innards

The cream cheese icing in this one is SUPER YUM!!! You can almost never find real cream cheese icing in HK. 😦 The chocolate cake is dense, denser than the creme au lait one. It was reddish in colour, as red velvet is supposed to be. It also was more chocolate-y tasting than the 1st cupcake. I guess the slight bitterness of chocolate was required to balance the heavy cream cheese icing in this case.

By this point, I was so stuffed I couldn’t carry on. Will do so tomorrow. But I have a Le Meurice lunch planned tomorrow…arghhhh I hope I don’t get so full that I throw up.


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