It’s Friday! Friday!

8 Apr

Unfortunately, gotta keep this entry short as I didn’t get to go goodie hunting much today. Today I watched a few surgeries, and was really really tired. Lunch was a brioche bought from one of the many many bakeries around the area I live…this bakery appears to suck though. I think they source their breads/vienoisseries/pastries somewhere else, as there is never a great smell of bread wafting from their store, and this brioche tasted like Maxim’s bread. I’m not even kidding. It was very uniform in shape, the crust was tasteless, and the innards were tough. It was also a scary yellow…I know brioche uses lots of eggs, but still…it didn’t taste eggy either.


Brioche...kinda commercial in taste & texture & COLOUR

So on the way back to school for more surgeries, I passed by this bakery near the metro station of my hospital.

Random patisserie on Rue pretty!

Random patisserie on Rue pretty!

And got a financier. Which I devoured immediately and didn’t take a picture of. After my long, long day, I took the metro to the Rue Montorgueil area as I was craving bread today. I decided to do a taste test between Boulangerie Kayser and Boulangerie Paul, both big names in the bakery scene. Unfortunately, both were out of petit pains au naturel and I can’t finish 2 demi-baguettes…so I had to get a petit pain au complet (whole wheat bun) from Kayser and a bacon bun from Paul.

Taste test: Kayser Petit Pain Complet vs Paul Petit Pain Aux Lardons

Taste test: Kayser Petit Pain Complet vs Paul Petit Pain Aux Lardons

I was so enamored by my bread that I forgot to take a picture of the innards. Don’t worry…I’ll be back though. 😉 The Kayser bun was really really good….the crust was chewy and toasted to a crisp crust. The innards were moist, chewy, and actually did taste whole-wheaty, unlike many so-called “wheat” breads in HK. Paul’s bun, on the other hand, didn’t fare so well. The skin was tough and tasted floury. The innards had that same floury taste..but the bacon saved it. Can’t go wrong with bacon. I’ll be back to try their baguettes someday….this isn’t really fair basing their quality on a petit pain.

Huré again!

Huré again!

Of course I needed something sweet to end my day. I ended up at Huré again, the neighbourhood bakery I featured 2 days ago. I got one of their most expensive creations (I think it was around 4 euros)…a chocolate dome topped by a macaron called Le Marais, perhaps a tribute to the area they are located in.

Le Marais

Le Marais

Le Marais Innards

Le Marais Innards

From top to bottom, Le Marais consists of a biscuit base, a layer of cream, a caramel tasting ganache-y layer, milk chocolate ganache, and wrapped in a dark chocolate glacé layer. This wasn’t very good…the biscuit base was soggy. The milk chocolate ganache was reaaaaaaally gooey and I already let it come to room temperature a bit. The glacé was very thick and chewy and sugary. If it was a bit thinner, it’d work better. I have a very high sweet tolerance, but this was still way too sweet and stuck in my throat. I had to wash it down with water. =S Should have gone to Stohrer instead while on my bakery march.

Well, really tired now….off to bed, hopefully for a great exploring weekend tomorrow. The weather looks promising!


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