Day off!

7 Apr

Welcome to another beautiful day in Paris! Almost a week has passed, and finally today I had some time to explore around the neighbourhood as I had a free afternoon due to one of the doctors being on vacation. Let’s see what I had for lunch.

Gaufres Bruxelles

Gaufres de Liège

Gaufre Bruxelle avec la crème de marron

Gaufre de Liège avec la crème de marron / Sweet Belgian waffle with chestnut cream

The waffle was just from the boulangerie/traiteur (shop selling prepared foods) on my street. They have a street cart selling these waffles and also Gaufres Bruxelles (normal fluffy Belgian waffles). Unfortunately, the staff/owner wasn’t very friendly and didn’t seem very into his job…he didn’t even talk to me once. Just gave it to me and put out his hand for the payment after making this. Also, he didn’t warm it up very well. In fact, if you look at the picture of the cart, you can see that the gaufre is wrongly labelled too…the Liege waffles were labeled as Bruxelles and vice versa. =S I was really craving waffles at that moment though, and that street cart tempted me.

As it wasn’t very warm when I got it, I got home and toasted it a bit more. It was better when really toasted and the sugar got more caramelized. The chestnut cream was nothing special, just something out of a can…should have stuck to nutella. After finishing it while Skyping with my parents, I headed out for a walk to take advantage of my afternoon off + the gorgeous weather.

Centre Georges Pompidou

Centre Georges Pompidou

The Centre Georges Pompidou (CGP) is a modern art museum located near the Rambuteau Metro station. It was built in the 1970s, and was a revolutionary architectural design at that time. It is characterized by the visible pipes on the exterior of the building, which are all functional. They are also supposed to be colour coded according to their functions, which include water pipes, electricity, etc.

Street musicians in front of the CGP

One of the many street musicians in front of the CGP

There’s a huge courtyard in front of the CGP, and many street musicians perform there. Take a look at this guy dressed in white playing the guitar! What a pose. Afterwards I was wandering around and ended up here…

Unknown church

Unknown church

anyone know the name of this church? Actually, I’m not even sure it’s a church, but it’s beautiful. Around this area, there was also H&M, Zara, Sephora, and all those big name brands. Paris is seriously shopping paradise!! Even more so than Hong Kong, I think, as Hong Kong is more geared towards expensive brands.

Boulangerie Julien

Boulangerie Julien

I also discovered a Boulangerie Julien in the Beaubourg area near my home. This boulangerie is a chain which has quite a few outlets in Paris…and is supposed to be good. However, by the time I ended up there, it was quite late, and nothing left interested me…perhaps another day.

On the way home, I passed by Patisserie Pain de Sucre (again…oh yes I love the location of my flat!) and popped in to buy something. It was reaaaaaaaaally hard to choose as everything looked so pretty; the shopkeeper was very patient with me though as I stared at everything for a few minutes. I ended up choosing the most colourful one, to be revealed later.

Patisserie Pain de Sucre Treasure Box

Patisserie Pain de Sucre Treasure Box

As what I chose was kind of small, I also popped into Starbucks for a little more. While passing by, I noticed they had cakepops in more flavours than Hong Kong. In fact, they also had a number of other mini-cakes, just like the states. The pricing system was also similar, where you could by 1, 3, or 6 with discounts if you buy more. Funnily though, is that while they’re called “petites” in the States, they’re called “Minis” here. So they use a French word in North America…and an English word in France? Hmm.

Starbucks Paris - our third space!

Starbucks Paris - our third space!

I ended up getting an almond cake pop and a salted caramel square.

Starbucks minis - almond cake pop and salted caramel square

Starbucks minis - almond cake pop and salted caramel square (stole a little bite heh)

The almond cake pop was very almondy tasting. The smell of almond hit you as soon as you took the cakepop out of the bag. Not only was the cakepop coated in almonds, the inside was also studded with almond pieces. Coating the whole thing in white chocolate made the whole cakepop very, very white. I actually liked this, despite usually hating nuts in my cake…I don’t like nutty crunchy textures (especially in brownies!!!!!). As cakepops are very sweet and soft, the nutty texture helped cut down the cloyingness.

The caramel bar on the other hand was reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally sweet. There were walnuts layered in between a milk chocolate, caramel, and cookie bar (in that order from top to bottom). It tasted like caramel fudge with a sandy texture. It actually wasn’t all that bad…but take into mind I have a very high threshold for sweetness. Also, I probably couldn’t take much more than this mini size as it really was incredibly sweet.



Now, on to the star of today’s eats…the Cassiflore from Patisserie Pain de Sucre. Isn’t it beautiful? It would probably garner ooh-s and ahh-s if you ate it in public. If you bought it for your girlfriend, she’d probably marry you on the spot (OK, maybe that’s just me). It smelled really fruity, and was really almost too pretty to eat. Just almost. Unfortunately for Miss Cassiflore, nothing can stop me from devouring a pretty pastry.

Pâte sablée aux amandes, pulpe de pêche de vigne, baies de cassis, crémeux cassis à la fleur d'oranger

Pâte sablée aux amandes, pulpe de pêche de vigne, baies de cassis, crémeux cassis à la fleur doranger

The Cassiflore from bottom to top: butter pastry with almonds, with pulp of peach within, and topped with creamy blackcurrant and fleur d’oranger. Doesn’t it SOUND pretty too? The blackcurrant part was truly creamy and smooth, with a little bit of tartness. The small dollop of peach puree in the centre balanced the tartness out with a refreshing sweetness. The pâte sablée’s flavours, however, were very mild. Almost non-existent. It was very, very crunchy, but you had to concentrate very hard to taste anything. I wonder if it was intentional, as the whole tart’s flavours are really fruity and a buttery crust may be too strong. However, I still prefer a more flavourful crust in my tarts. Overall though, very yummy and pretty. Did I mention that the tart is REALLY PRETTY?

Anyways…time to sleep, and hopefully will get a chance to explore more this weekend!


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