Supermarché Treasure Hunting

5 Apr
Tiramisu cupcake with mascarpone cream

Tiramisu cupcake with mascarpone cream

Today was a long day again at l’hôpital…lunch was 2 Berko cupcakes on the way to get a bunch of errands done. I’ve spied this store since my visit to Patisserie Pain de Sucre yesterday already…it’s a cute little cupcake store which sells mini cupcakes (their main show), normal sized cupcakes occasionally, tall american-sized cakes on weekends like carrot cake or red velvet, and also a variety of American cheesecakes in numerous flavours. They market their cheesecakes as being made with real Philadelphia cream cheese.

Cupcake army

Cupcake army...waiting to be devoured by me

Today I had a violet (!) and tiramisu cupcake. I miss REAL cupcakes!! The cupcakes we get in HK are so weird…..not like American cupcakes at all. They taste like pound cake and have unpalatable icing. These cupcakes were goooooooood…I chose violet to be the first cupcake I ate in Paris, because violet is such a French flavour! It tasted…hmm…flowery. Not flowery in a rose bath gel kind of way, but kind of sweet and fragrant. Sugary too, of course. It’s a cupcake after all.

Violet cupcake

Violet cupcake with butter cream

The tiramisu was just OK…tasted like mild espresso and was nothing special. Love the slightly cheesy but still light mascarpone icing though.

Tiramisu cupcake with mascarpone cream

Tiramisu cupcake with mascarpone cream...just OK

Afterwards it was back to school for another long afternoon with tons of patients, and a very pretty doctor. Today had to get some daily necessities too, so I went to the supermarché on the way home. Of course, I got distracted by all the food and had to get some groceries too…

Today's haul

Today's haul: Mamie Nova Yaourt Rhubarb Rose, Ready-to-eat Crepes, and a Secret Package

When I got home, I couldn’t resist opening the yogurt to try. We can get Mamie Nova in HK too…but it’s 2-3 times the price in Paris. Also, I don’t think I’ve ever seen Rhubarb flavour in HK…I don’t buy yogurt much in HK though. The crepes I bought just for novelty’s sake. I can get fresh crepes pretty much anytime just a block away, but I wanted to see if the French were soooo good they could make even packaged crepes taste good. Well, fear not my friends, even the French could not make packaged crepes taste good. These were dry, stuck to the throat, and the crepe skin was tasteless. A bit better microwaved – the skin got a bit moister and the chocolate filling was less cloying. I ended up finishing these over the next few days as a snack to have when I felt like walking into every patisserie I see and buying everything in site. Paris is tempting like that.

Crepe Chocolat

Crepe Chocolate...kind of dry and bad

Now for the little package…what was in there?

Religieuse Chocolat


A Religieuse Chocolat from the (nameless) bakery on my street! For those of you who don’t know, a Religieuse is like an Eclair in another form: choux filled with creme patissiere, one small choux on top of another bigger one stuck together with buttercream. It generally comes in chocolat or café flavours.

Religieuse Innards

Religieuse Innards...smooth!!

Now I’m no choux expert…my best acquaintance with choux is that from Beard Papa. Of course I’d had the occasional eclair here and there in HK (like Pierre Hermé), but I don’t know what is “authentic” or not. However, I can say that this choux pastry tasted good to me…it had a sort of buttery, eggy taste and wasn’t dry. In fact, it was sort of moist. The pastry cream was very smooth like pudding and didn’t leave a sticky feeling inside the throat. The chocolate didn’t taste artificial either… you know that artificial chocolate taste you get from local bakery cakes? Well, local bakeries here use real chocolate too I guess. The best part? This thing cost 2.5 euros only! It was pretty huge too…around the size of my palm and REALLY heft because of all the pastry cream. Who said Paris was expensive?


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