Monday Madness

4 Apr

Today was the first day of my elective at the Department of Plastic, Reconstructive, and Esthetic Surgery at the Hopital Saint-Louis in Paris, headed by Professor Mimoun. I was told to arrive at 9 am…obviously I was a bit early. The secretary ended up being late and I had to wait until 10:30 to see her…after which I got some documents sorted out.

Today was also the first day I had to have full conversations with everyone in was scary! I got by…but it was hard when everyone spoke so quickly to me. Thank god the doctors were really nice and spoke English to me.

The first doctor I followed is SO CUTE. He’s a burns specialist, and is actually based in Hopital Cochin, but comes to OPD on Mondays. He chatted with me a bit after OPD which ended early around 12…he went to HK in January to visit a colleague who was at QMH attaching to hand surgery! He speaks très bon anglais, which makes him even cuter when he does it with a French accent. He also told me places to eat around Paris…I ended up having lunch at the hospital canteen though. Had a Sandwich Parisien, which is ham and butter sandwich in a baguette…so Parisian, so filling. Then back to OPD at 2, which lasted until…7!!!!! Then we had grand round, with a bunch of presentations…………which lasted until…wait for it…10:15 pm. Holy crappp thank god I had that huge sandwich at lunch.

Came home, had more Kinder and fromage blanc, and going to sleep…très fatiguée.


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